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Fools Fall-in Love from the Vixen – Lewd 1950s lesbian multi-part

Fools Fall-in Love from the Vixen – Lewd 1950s lesbian multi-part

Everybody else Boats Trixya by Mac – Angsty canon agreeable oneshot. “Trixie implies that she and you may Katya date, and you will Katya gives their unique all causes they must not.” ??

Realize Where you Direct by the Connyhascontrol – Lesbian Bien au slow burn off multichapter (nonsense, smut) motivated because of the Gilmore Girls. “Only outstanding fic. Quality enjoyable moments and pining. What is actually never to like? Almost finished (and you can I am not okay on it).” ??

I seemed toward so it updating everytime

“Fools Belong Like a-listers Trixie Mattel a little area chick having big time fantasies. When she scores a gig on Fruit, she knows she’s got it made. Up until she fits Katya Zamolodchikova, the new joint’s fit-dressed in, smoke celebrity. Katya is not a fan of the brand new dolly, along with her deluxe throat and sensual voice, muscling inside on her gig. Trixie ain’t thus attracted to Katya herself, indeed she detests her! Otherwise do she?”

Fools into the Procession by Tiffany – Multichapter cishet Bien au. “Thus beautifully created, incomplete yet still well worth discovering as Artsy Katya matches Regular Boy Brian is pleasant.”

The Sincere Globe to feel because of the Dare – Canon agreeable angsty multichapter. Contains smut. “Actually one of the best fics we have had towards aq. It’s very superbly composed, canon certified, the newest characterisation is on section. All about it fic is advisable.” ??

Permanently Features Nows by Beanierose – Gorgeous angsty dos-part soulmate au “the place you feel the opposite emotion to regardless of the other individual was feeling.” ??

Friendly Fire by Vrginsacrifice – Multichapter Meters/M Au. “An excellent neo-noir outlaw Bien au devote brand new “Huge Theft Auto” universe, where Trixie and you may Katya are a couple of get across-dressing crooks down-on-their-luck and you can incapable of sit to one another.” ??

Go Ask Alice Whenever The woman is ten Feet Tall by the Vixen – Lewd lesbian Bien au oneshot. “Woodstock Au, that have LSD, trippy while the screw smut.” ??

All the best Charlie by Silverock – Raunchy, fluffy lesbian hot mother/babysitter au – done multichapter. “Perhaps my favourite trope, it is done so fucking well and i also love each of the newest emails. ” ??

Moved Tonight because of the Pichitinha – Angsty canon agreeable oneshot. “Everyone loves so it ‘canon’ fic. It’s angsty, it’s optimistic, it’s breathtaking.” ??

Eden Is A location On earth of the Yorkie – Fluffy, angsty Lesbian Bien au – 1980s Sci-fi multichapter passionate of the Black colored Reflect episdoe “San Junipero.” ??

Good morning? from the Chantiemaya – Lewd lesbian slow burn off multichapter. “Katya are an almost middle-aged, unmarried, permanently alone lesbian when you look at the a beneficial Boston area. Her new next-door neighbor try Trixie, thirty two, married and you may mom of 5. It meet by chance, and you can Katya was immediately infatuated together with her stunning next-door neighbor. Does Katya keeps an opportunity to befriend the wonderful angel dressed into the pink?” ??

A hot Tangle by the Doctor Bitchcraftt – Canon agreeable oneshot. “A narrative on the *that nights* inside the Boston from inside the 2016 whenever Katya tried to take action into the Trixie. Consists of an adult talk from the matchmaking, silliness regular of their relationship, an excellent cameo because of the Bianca Del Rio, and you will Skip Courtney Operate for the a sofa, particularly, four legs out.” ??

I experienced to listen Just to Get a hold of Your by the Vixen – Lesbian Au oneshot. “Loosely in line with the motion picture Consider Me personally & You.” ??

Hello, I am The brand new Emotionally Suppressed Girl Exactly who Went Off Their Latent Homosexual Emotions for 10 years, Trixie Mattel!

And i also Know All to you Over again by Meters.age Myself and that i – Angsty cannon certified oneshot. “A keen angst riddled fic predicated on Trixie’s previous performance from her amazing song!” ??

I won’t Bed by the Stella – Fluffy oneshot. “This can be a preliminary little topic mainly based of UNHHH Real time within Beaux where Trixie tells the story out-of when Katya and her was indeed discussing a sleep and you may Katya said she wouldn’t go to sleep up until they made out.” ??

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