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For further analysis, see: “Rhaegar_Targaryen#Rhaegar’s annulment of Elia Martell about Tv series”

For further analysis, see: “Rhaegar_Targaryen#Rhaegar’s annulment of Elia Martell about Tv series”

This is certainly an extreme more than-simplification because of the Tv show, such as the books it appears alot more likely you to definitely Rhaegar suggested in order to polygamously wed Lyanna as the his second partner, on individualized from his Valyrian ancestors plus the early Targaryen kings.

It’s unfamiliar enjoys annulment and you may/otherwise splitting up form under almost every other religions, especially the outdated Gods regarding the North and also the Drowned God faith of one’s Iron Isles (or if one community religions even have voluntary “divorce” in them).

The newest religion of the Old Gods does not need an official priesthood to ask permission off

In the a diagnosis video on the annulment under the Faith of Seven, Elio Garcia and you can Linda Antonsson out-of – co-article authors worldwide out of Ice and Fire sourcebook which have Martin – can only result in the stray speculation that they thought in the event the good Northman which implemented the outdated Gods wanted to annul their wife, he would probably simply mention “You’re not my partner” so you’re able to their unique facing social witnesses. It generated no try to imagine on what judge factor this could be made towards the i.age. if they could well be unlike the latest Believe of one’s Seven’s tight criteria from low-consummation otherwise bigamy, or if perhaps they are produced from the have a tendency to – or if this should offer one college students they’d illegitimate. Brand new ironborn, at the same time, habit a limited sort of polygamy (which have that number 1 wife and you will several additional ones), making it not familiar if this is an issue you to definitely ever before shows up in their mind, scarcely if.

Maiden labels [ ]

Women out of commendable Households within the Westeros tend to accept its partner’s surname – even though it is not automatic and many do not. Basically, when the an excellent noblewoman “ily, she’s going to tend to change to using title out-of her partner’s Household. Conversely, if the good noblewoman marries to the a less strong noble Household (i.e., in the event that she actually is among the more youthful dily, incapable of safe nearly as good away from a complement) following she’s going to have a tendency to keep up with the the means to access their unique totally new friends name, to help you prompt people regarding her personal and you can political connections. If their a couple of family members is actually of more or less equivalent stamina – such as for instance if they are one another from Higher House that signal whole kingdoms – then your problem is far more variable, that is alot more influenced by individual selection.

A good priple is Cersei Lannister – rarely if ever entitled “Cersei Baratheon”, even after marrying King Robert Baratheon. She appear to left playing with their unique maiden label so you can remind people up to their unique in the royal court one her own nearest and dearest (specifically her father Tywin) was basically an element of the economic supporters regarding Robert’s rule, in which he try influenced by all of them. Furthermore, Margaery Tyrell try scarcely called “Margaery Baratheon” though she ed “Baratheon” inside sequence: Renly, up coming Renly’s (alleged) nephew Joffrey, up coming Joffrey’s more youthful sis Tommen. When Margaery was brought within the Season 2, she had already hitched Renly from-display, yet she had been pervasively known as “Margaery Tyrell” – mis fuentes even with her third wedding to help you Tommen Baratheon, the only person that has been in reality consummated. The reason being Tommen and the Lannisters are in reality determined by the brand new capital away from Domestic Tyrell, similar to the Baratheons have been shortly after determined by the fresh new Lannisters. In advance of Robert’s Rebellion, Elia Martell try the new spouse out-of Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and you can the mother of his youngsters, but she had been uniformly known as “Elia Martell” – though if you’re Elia technically married upwards towards royal line, this new Martells just joined the realm compliment of silent matrimony-alliance, design their laws and regulations once the “Princes” rather than Lords. As a result it appears likely that the fresh Martells thought on their own comparable to the Targaryens, perhaps not good lowly vassal Home ily.

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