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T hey aren’t attracted to our home away from God of the any love for happening

T hey aren’t attracted to our home away from God of the any love for happening

There can be, although not, a class of middle-old guys, that often thus absorbed in business, approximately indolent, which they hardly ever check out the household away from Jesus

59 1854.] GABOON. 59 ant passage through of 50 weeks. People who sailed November 31, showed up for the 16th out-of February. When you look at the season new missionary laborers in this field was indeed actively involved in their various departments regarding effort, with little disturbance off illness ; and in April last all the was basically spoken of due to the fact quite nicely, but Mrs. Walker, who had been such your state off health because seemed to promote they important for their particular to go to the us. She visited New york the second part of Will get. Mr. Bushnell s wellness are far from an effective as he reached Africa, however, Mr. Walker spoke of your too inside the April. You to definitely local assistant, Mr. Edwards, a member of the fresh church, which bad already been a lot of time a teacher about colleges, and whose analogy are always a, has been eliminated from the death. This really is thought to be a critical loss to your objective. P R Age A-c H Into the Grams. The gospel has been continuously preached at the Baraka and you may Ikai (Olaudebenk) into Sabbath, and also at stated times during the month ; ahd including into Sabbath during the Nomba and Kaluamanga, (Jimstown.) Within Baraka the usual congregation provides numbered on the 60; within Nomba and you may Kaluamanga the number of hearers might have been a bit quicker. Yet , Mr. Preston, just who occupied that it statiou within the 12 months 1853, says, Trading, war and you will mourning keeps caused the congregation so you’re able to change more ; in which he talks of those due to the fact extremely indifferent to your gospel content, their all of the browse, action and you may moan, in service, appearing to say, Behold, just what a beneficial weariness can it be. This isn’t understood, he says, the gospel makes a protecting impact on a single individual regarding the Bakele country. T hi say brand new Mpongwes, of exactly who they discover trading and missionaries, need certainly to first alter. At almost every other Bakele cities, in which preaching try periodic, this new attendance may vary. Concerning the interest that the some body end up being in the knowledge, due to the fact stated out of Sabbath so you can Sabbath, the fresh new statement sa y s: Among the Mpongwes, group meetings are attended because of the head-men of your own towns by the fresh children throughout the schools, with several young dudes who possess earlier come linked to the schools. These types of don’t imagine that their profile is during threat, given that old dudes believe theirs getting ; neither yet manage they feel you to attachment so you can you, that is felt because of the young men who had been taught from the us. The fresh new gospel doesn’t have internet in their eyes. The entire course of

In the ikai channel, the declaration says, it offers perhaps not become uncommon observe the entire population out of the newest community during the appointment to your Sabbath

sixty 60 GABOON. [Declaration, the lifestyle is really so far not in favor of the new love of one’s Christian system, and is therefore thoroughly condemned by using it when vigilantly preached, that it is not uncommon that they absent on their own from the house out-of God. I’ve tend to started informed the preaching is just too difficult, and sometimes it’s openly stated getting untrue. On the behalf of some of the some one, you will find allowed to be alot more decided signs of opposition so you can the situation than simply heretofore. Among the things about which, is the fact that the expectations of economic advantage, usually thrilled where a goal was planted where portion of the nation, haven’t been realized. The newest novelty of obtaining white dudes into the coastline, therefore the novelty away from probably societal worship, have likewise passed away. Nonetheless the thing is seen as evidently making progress. It is becoming way more known, and you can uses up significantly more new thoughts of the people, while the devotees regarding superstition commonly pleased with the trust, and tend to be maybe not at rest that have by themselves. Among the many Bakeles there were wars as well as other disruptions you to definitely features distracted the eye of those, and you may scattered the society of one’s metropolitan areas where Messrs. Preston and best work. However these problems have not basically become off much time continuance, together with attendance at church was not considerably diminished. S C H O-o L S T H Age C H You Roentgen C H T H Elizabeth P Roentgen E S S. T he schools have been even more guaranteeing than simply these were on the latest go out of one’s past report, regardless if however by no means in a very encouraging standing. T the guy you to from the Nomba, that has been discontinued last year having wanted off a teacher, could have been started again of the printer ink. The school during the Ikai is in a promising standing than it’s been at any former months, the students and make fair improvements in their own words, along with new Mpongwe and you may English. The average quantity of students inside school during the season hipervГ­nculo are twelve. T the guy day school from the Baraka has not been as well went to because during the some former periods ; however the deeper punctuality out of educators and students, (an uncommon advantage certainly one of Africans,) and you will an ever growing interest with respect to the latter so you can discover, features greatly encouraged the new objective. We have witnessed a lot more interest paid back so you’re able to arithmetic, topography and you may English constitution, than previously. T the guy school has actually averaged about twenty-five boys. T h e statement s good y s: All of our colleges suffer with need of perseverance on scholars, plus expert and you may good faith with respect to parents and you can guardians. W elizabeth are disappointed according to some encouraging boy, which, having just visited a period in his improvements when he is data which have success, try contributed aside because of the guarantee regarding gain into the trading, good propen

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