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Thus I have been working on how Griffin’s moved using Tennessee to see if they provided me with any clues

Thus I have been working on how Griffin’s moved using Tennessee to see if they provided me with any clues

Thanks for the respond. I reside in Knoxville, Tn. I was raised when you look at the Cocke Co., Tn. and have now come comparing my personal lines for around twenty five years today. Just about any relatives that concerned Tennessee on the late 1700’s came by the step three paths. Part of the station is actually the brand new Shenandoah Area Route out of Virginia courtesy higher East Tennessee ( Washington, Greene, Carter State) parts. Speaking of in addition to the fundamental areas one imigrants came in of Vermont & Sc. The third town was from Kentucky into the Hawkins, Granger and you can Sullivan Areas. The original genuine town area as much as goverment was worried are Greeneville in Greene State, virtually everyone went through indeed there to help you stock up toward provides and you may register its homes features. The new chairs from goverment flower below: Greeneville when you look at the Greene State, Dandridge for the Jefferson State, Knoxville when you look at the Knox State and you may Kingston in Roane County. Which means this is actually the entire migration channel used. Today for many who check a chart regarding Tennessee Areas your notice Carter State (designed regarding Washington Condition) is quite next to Greeneville which Grainger County limitations Jefferson Condition. We invested your day at McClung Library right here now reseaching the first suggestions and found certain interesting something. We looked everything i may get my hands on there is only one listing getting a good Griffin in Greene Condition, an effective Susan Griffin one to married Jessee Bacon truth be told there towards 3-27-1821. since there are zero Griffin family members inside Greene Co. she try most likely of a surrounding Condition. Carter Co. is a nearby condition. Not one surrounding areas to help you Greene have any Griffin’s but Carter. Arizona State enjoys that record, the fresh new joining away from William Griffin’s land-grant truth be told there when you look at the 1782. Here is the very first land grant getting a Griffin inside Tennessee, and it is to possess land for the Roans Creek with what are later on extracted from Arizona County and you will became Carter County. Which early grant does mean it actually was probably for Rev Combat solution. There are many different posts from Griffin’s from inside the Carter County ranging from 1796 & 1818. On the twenty-two getting particular. Presently there isn’t any 1790 as a result of 1820 Census to have Carter Condition. And there’s no Griffin’s in the 1830-40-fifty Carter Co. census. Griffin’s don’t come in Carter Co. once more up to 1850. So they didn’t stand truth be told there long. The new Griffin’s listed in the fresh new 1796-1818 info are: William, noted on taxation listings, selling and buying property. All the assets they are working in (particular several action purchases) are typical for property toward Roan’s Creek. So this is the newest William that got the initial Griffin home grant that’s registered into the Washington Co. The final mention of William is in 1810 and he is noted as actually regarding Pulaski Co., Ky.

Solomon Griffin one to bought residential property from William Griffin that will be detailed inside the 5 deed purchases. Last regard to him is within 1818.

Sincerely, Todd This really is regarding an e-post We taken to a different Griffin researcher, We duplicated it to get here to many other scientists

Squire Griffin that witnesses an area transfer. I am just perhaps not arguing you to his label is otherwise wasn’t Squire. However, Squire has also been a reputation put once we have fun with Mr. otherwise Dr. because period of time. Therefore Squire Griffin might was in fact an appropriate identity in order to establish one away from updates and you can a giant property owner. Squire is commonly regularly identify a person that worked in the belongings. I throw so it in only since there is no other listing except since the a witness so you’re able to a secure import, this has been a mention of William.

William Griffin, George Griffin & Spencer placed in the brand new court records once or twice within the deed transactions and also as a jurors in Grainger Co

Carter County is additionally around the Kentucky border, plus second into the general migration station are Jefferson Co. you to definitely limits Grainger Co. Grainger is even on 1 county out of Kentucky. We bring up Grainger & Jefferson County’s to have 4 factors: 1. It is the next town down the usual migration channel. dos. There is not a small grouping of early Griffin’s in virtually any away from another counties. step three. It’s inside traveling distance so you’re able to Kentucky. Only about three to four areas out of Pulaski State. 4. The main path at the time went away from Greene State to help you Jefferson State in order to Knoxville. That have Grainger & Jefferson bordering each other. Jefferson would have been the capital and you can trading area for Grainger County.

Now there are no census details to own Grainger otherwise Jefferson up to the fresh new 1830 Census. However, you will find several posts inside Grainger Condition having Griffin’s very early into the.

throughout the penned guide regarding ideas regarding 1796-1802. New Grainger County relationships information of 1796-1835 number eleven Griffin marriages. Anyhow, I’m loosing my instruct of think: William vanishes out of Carter Condition of the 1810. Today I suppose one William are the father regarding Solomon, Age & John in the Carter County. He deal Solomon & John each other end up in 1804, John for the 1-18-1804 and you will Solomon on the step one-20-1804. So we understand they certainly were both of judge many years from the 1804. So they would have been born no less than because of the 1780ish. This should place William born about 1760ish.

There was an excellent William in the 1830 Grainger Co., Census. William Griffin 001000001-010001001 step 1 men ten-fifteen years step one feminine 5-10 years step 1 men sixty-70 many years 1 female 31-40 years step one female sixty-70 ages This William was created 1760-70.

There isn’t any William on the 1840 Grainger Condition Census. But there is however one to listed in neighboring Jefferson Co.

I do believe this might be our William, I believe their spouse about 1830 census passed away and he will be looked after by daughter or daughter-in-law that’s the 31-40 year old from the 1830 census one to becomes the new 40-50 year old in the 1840. There are even 2 deeds where William bought end in Jefferson County in the 1809, this is very near the 1810 day one William vanishes out-of Carter Condition, and is also the first Jefferson County house purchased by one Griffin. In any event a few content to take into account, let me know what you believe.

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