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Why a Second Trump Term Could Be Bad for Corporate America The New York Times


What Makes a Person an Alcoholic? Why denial is common for people with AUD Consider the possibility of an alcohol intervention Is Anyone Really a ‘High-Functioning Alcoholic’? What Can I Do if I Think My Loved One Is an Alcoholic? Language of Denial

This study examined self-reported reasons for […]

Christian Drug Treatment and Rehab Blog: What Does It Mean to Be Powerless Over Addiction?

We don’t have the power over the obsession to drink, nor do we have the power to control how much we drink once we start. What we can do is turn to a Power greater than ourselves for help. We let this Power do what we are unable to do for ourselves.

For many addicted […]

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction: Preface

It means making huge changes in lifestyle and creating healthful methods to stay sober. It’s important to recognize the reality of addiction and not see those with addiction as bad or deserving of punishment. The impacts of prescription drugs need to be known and dealt with.

Less than 10% of people with AUD received treatment […]