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Top 10 Highest-Paying Work From Home Jobs Without a Degree

Some companies will also provide the technology necessary to respond to requests by phone, email or chat. United Health Group is one of the employers recently seeking remote customer service representatives. Many industries, particularly in the tech, creative, and customer service sectors, prioritize skills and experience over formal education. As the demand for remote work grows, companies are increasingly open to hiring talented individuals based on their capabilities and work portfolio rather than academic credentials. While you can find remote jobs with no degree required on most popular online job boards, it is also a good idea to widen your net by utilizing job sites created specifically for remote work. These websites may also showcase a variety of freelance and project-based work, giving you the flexibility to explore different roles and industries.

  • On average, however, someone with only a high school diploma makes $809 per week, or about $42,000 per year.
  • However, you may still consider a college degree later on in your career to advance your knowledge and increase your chance of getting a higher position.
  • A growing number of companies accept skills and experience in place of a traditional degree for a variety of jobs across many career categories.
  • Fortunately, not having a four-year degree is no longer a barrier to having a successful, fulfilling, and rewarding professional career.

If you can thrive in a pressured environment, and can handle rejection from potential customers, a remote sales job may suit you. Typically these will be one on one, and the students can be children or adults. Here are two entry-level event planning jobs that are sometimes done remotely and often require no experience. In the context of this article, online tutors provide services remotely and may not require any experience. Writing jobs also appear in our report about easy remote jobs under the category, “easy because it’s fun” to do. Here are two entry-level, remote programming jobs that may not require experience (depending on the company).

Customer service manager

Virtual bookkeepers use web-based accounting software to assist with customer records. They sort a customer’s purchases into categories and ensure that their balances match with receipts, purchases, and invoices. They gain remote access to organizational archives, sort them out in a secure way, make transaction reports, and reconcile discrepancies. Insurance agents connect with clients over telephone or email to sell home, auto, life, or general protection plans.

best remote jobs without a degree

Employers accept applicants who have design skills even without a bachelor’s degree. They assess the qualifications of applicants by giving sample tests and evaluating their previous experience. Your portfolio will also play a big role in your application so be sure to include your most creative designs and projects. If you have copy editing skills or if you have previous experience in writing, you may be qualified to work as a copy editor. However, earning a bachelor’s degree in a related field will help you stand out in the job market or apply for senior-level opportunities. A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is no longer required for this position.

How to Get a Work-From-Home Job With a GED

They assemble data on who needs protection and meet with them to discuss terms. Insurance agents work out payment rates, deductibles, installments, and extra services based on their customer’s circumstances and needs. With vetted job listings, helpful articles, and a user-friendly dashboard that keeps you organized, FlexJobs became a powerful tool.

  • As COVID-19 restrictions on travel continue to lift, many travel agencies are hiring workers to help them handle clients’ needs.
  • High-paying jobs without a degree are common in the tech industry, such as software engineers and web developers.
  • Although the idea of pursuing a bachelor’s degree may seem overwhelming, online degree programs have made it easier than ever.
  • According to one AARP Research survey of people age 40 and older, 44 percent of respondents said they work from home at least some of the time.
  • Below is a list of 13 fully remote jobs available on, along with their average salary according to PayScale.

It can be a good remote job if you take your own fitness seriously and want to see others succeed. Sales can be a good remote job to get into if you want your work to be recognised and rewarded financially. Bonuses are commonplace for sales reps who perform well, and can significantly complement the base salary. For many remote jobs, a video meeting tool like Zoom or Microsoft Teams will be massively beneficial. A community manager is responsible for being the face of an organization – usually over social media, or online forums. They are expected to liaise with customers and the community on a daily basis, and answer questions, create content and, in some cases moderate content too.

Entry-Level Remote Jobs With No Degree: In Detail

Software developers have numerous remote opportunities available with global movement and digital nomadism being easily managed. These roles require technical expertise and access to needed software and tools. A digital nomad is a professional who leverages technology to work remotely, often without location requirements tied to the job. This lifestyle combines work and travel, allowing individuals to explore new cultures and experiences while maintaining their careers.

The highest-paying remote job you can get with no experience is usually web developer or software engineer. While it can be difficult to land high-paying jobs in this field with no professional experience, it is possible if you have strong enough skills and an impressive resume. Glassdoor reports that an entry-level web developer can earn as much as $86,000.

If you have an eye for detail and are good with math, you might do well in this position. Accounting clerks examine bank statements, invoices, accounts payable documents and other reports to ensure that all of the numbers are adding up correctly. On LinkedIn, you can remote jobs that pay well without a degree also make yourself ‘open to work’ to recruiters, and specify using the filters that you’re open to remote work specifically. Studying and working in web development entails building websites and applications using coding languages like CSS, Python, and JavaScript.

  • While it’s true that some companies have turned to software to transcribe audio these days, there is still a need for transcriptionists out there.
  • They gain remote access to organizational archives, sort them out in a secure way, make transaction reports, and reconcile discrepancies.
  • The digital marketing firm Counterintuity was recently looking for a project manager able to work remotely.
  • Web developers write code to create useful, enticing, and highly functional websites.
  • Most employers will require that you have background computer knowledge, but your ability to solve problems quickly and communicate clearly are just as important.
  • Writing jobs also appear in our report about easy remote jobs under the category, “easy because it’s fun” to do.

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